“Follow the yellow brick road.” We all remember this line from the popular film, but when building signs, just doing things the way they’ve always been done is not necessarily the smartest move.

“Because we’ve always done it that way.” It can be dangerous to simply operate in a “business as usual” mentality, and never question whether or not there are better methods.

We often see customers who make sign cabinets the way they were made 50 years ago: using angles, welding a frame, and then skinning it with aluminum. When you discuss the option of using sign extrusions the reply is always very similar: “My way works, and it is cheaper.” Let’s evaluate this theory using a real GSG customer as an example. We’ll use an alias and call this business “Bob’s Signs.”

While visiting Bob’s Signs, we watched as Bob made a cabinet out of extrusions measuring 4’x8′. It only took about 45 minutes to assemble. This was not including any wiring or painting. Bob had done a similar cabinet the day before and it took him a whopping 6 hours to build the same sign, with the same dimensions.

Now if you run a business you know that time is money. So if your shop rate is $65 an hour, using extrusion in this example would only cost you $48.75 in labor. Building the same cabinet “the way you’ve always done it” can cost you $390. Of course, buying extrusions will rack up your cost in materials, but your labor savings will more than compensate for it. Not only are you saving money on a single job, but now you can add more jobs to your docket and reduce overtime, increasing income overall.


In the last few decades, sign fabrication has come a long way. By investigating new products and methods of sign making, you can greatly impact your business’s bottom line. So don’t just go with the flow. Try to venture off the beaten path every once in a while, it will keep your business fresh and innovative!


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