GSG is “rolling” out a new program to give customers that buy digital media a means of reusing the cores that are often left behind. Re:Core, our new media core reuse program, is easy! Look for the fiber drum (pictured left) in the City Sales area at any of our 7 locations and drop off empty media cores. GSG will then reuse them for converting media. This keeps costs low for you and gives you an eco-friendly option for media core disposal.
On average, the US generates over 68 million tons of paper and paperboard every year, and almost a third of that is sent to landfills. You could create a wall 12 feet tall from Los Angeles to New York City with the amount of office paper thrown away!
Paper, cardboard, and fiberboard are the most economical resources to recycle or reuse. And since recycling them reduces deforestation, they are also the most important. One and a half acres of forest are cut down every second! This contributes to lower air quality, habitat loss, and soil erosion.
Make the greener choice and bring us your empty media cores the next time you visit your local branch!



EPA: Advancing Sustainable Materials Management Fact Sheet

SaveOnEnergy: Land of Waste Study