In today’s fast-paced market, every second of production time counts. In fact, if you put a stopwatch to it, you can find huge time savings if you invest in systems, processes, and products that will maximize every moment spent.

One of the greatest time savers is a registration system. Registration by hand has become one of the largest time consumers of press setup. 15 minutes of registering your screens could be 15 minutes printing product. And whether you’re using a manual or automatic press, those 15 minutes per job could equal many more jobs!

If you’ve decided to look into what is available, we recommend the M&R Tri-Lock Rapid Registrations System. The Tri-Loc allows you to quickly set up and register your jobs precisely; ensuring a square, centered, and registered print every time. No more pallet lines or t-squares required, it is the best alternative to the conventional way of registering your press. See for yourself in the video below how the Tri-Loc will save you time and money!