In the wake of extreme flooding that occurred in southern Louisiana August 14th, GSG’s Baton Rouge branch was submerged in 3+ feet of water.  GSG diverted phones and shipments to other locations for a week while they cleaned up the offices and warehouse.  Sources have reported that the damage is the worst natural disaster in the US since hurricane Sandy.  Thirteen lives were lost and over 40,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. Of those affected, four GSG associates lost almost everything.

GSG prides itself in being a family company, so associates from all 7 locations stepped up and went to work to help the four team members displaced by the flooding. GSG President and CEO Mark Granberry challenged company associates to give what they could by agreeing to match any cash donations up to $5,000. Within 24 hours the GSG team had raised nearly $8,500.  Even customers came to the rescue, including a $500 donation from Faces Wholesale Custom Signs.  To date, GSG has raised nearly $19,000 to directly help their four team members.


In addition to cash and gift card donations, supplies and basic needs were also sent to Baton Rouge. A team of “super shoppers” (shown above) purchased and packed bottled water, toiletries and nonperishable food items to send to the families in need. The GSG associates affected by the flooding were overwhelmed by the collective generosity of company associates, family, friends, and customers.

Recovery efforts are still underway in the 20 Louisiana parishes now deemed disaster areas. For a list of ways to help with clean-up efforts or by donating items or money, check out this CNN article on How to help Louisiana Flood Victims.